There are several reasons why you should rent from our fleet in Europe :

  1. It’s cost-effective : Purchasing a crane if you don’t need one for your term goals, would not be a good investment.
  2. Storage place : Crane equipment requires a lot of storage space. One of the benefits of working with us, is that we will provide all the necessary storage area.

We answer emergency calls and our technicians are always stand-by.

NFT Europe is able and prepared to help you to solve your problem.

Example of a current rental project in York UK

Our technicians are highly qualified professionals who are happy in their work and very committed and we look forward to welcoming you to our large family.

Our enthusiasm drives us to continually want to innovate, want to improve and stay up to date with our equipment.

NFT Europe (NFT LLC) is one of the largest rental companies of Tower Cranes in the world. Our rental fleet contains practically all types and capacities.

Renting or buying our Tower Cranes means always dealing with original parts and a documented user and maintenance history.

We offer a full service concept and high quality equipment. Please contact us for more information or specific questions (+32 89 468096).